Legacy Ministry

Welcome to our Legacy Ministry!

God created us to be in relationships with others, and our Legacy Ministry provides wonderful opportunities for making connections with people. By participating in small groups, serving others, and attending regular gatherings, you can develop meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

Our Senior Adults are committed to making a difference for Christ in the lives of others and living every day to glorify God. They are impacting their families, friends, and communities in a positive way, and they are serving as role models for others who want to leave a lasting legacy.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m., we come together for fellowship and Bible study at the church. The men’s Bible study takes place in Room 101 of the Love Building, while the women’s Bible study is held on the 3rd floor of the Grace Building.

Intentional Discipleship Groups

The aim of Intentional Discipleship Groups (IDGs) is to develop self-starting, replicating, and wholly committed followers of Jesus Christ. In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul instructed Timothy, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable people who will also be competent to teach others.”

IDG has a model for making disciples based on Jesus’ approach. This model is intentional, relational, and Biblical. The goal is to create an environment of authenticity, accountability, and truth. Joining an IDG requires a high level of commitment, transparency, and love. The groups consist of 3 to 4 individuals and are led by someone who has been enlisted, trained, and approved.

We would like to see you become a self-motivated, fully devoted follower of Jesus. To achieve this, we require an initial eight-week commitment, followed by an eight-month involvement if you choose to continue. Most groups will meet weekly for an hour and a half, and regular attendance is expected. Intentional Discipleship Groups (IDGs) will have their own schedules, but they require work to be done beforehand (1-2 hours per week), and there is an expectation of regular prayer for one another and a daily devotional. The focus of the studies will be on application, accountability, and affirmation, with the word of God being at the center of discussion. The Holy Spirit will be the transformative power. As you grow, you will learn to lead the group with the intention of guiding the next generation of IDGs. We cordially invite you to be a part of the upcoming generation of IDGs.

The primary goal of IDG is to develop a deeper relationship with God through the establishment of practices that help us learn and grow in Christ for a lifetime, and also lead others to do the same. We launch IDG during the fall season every year. To receive information about the next IDG launch, please click on the registration link below.


Sunday Morning Sunday School Classes

8:15 A.M.

Room Group Leader
Peace 104 Open Age 20+
(Married & Singles)
Bill Cheatham
Grace 313 Open Age 20+
(Married & Singles)
Mark Reuss

9:30 A.M.

Room Group Leader
Grace 305 Open Age 30+
(Married & Singles)
Jerry Crawford
Grace 313 Open Age 30+
(Married & Singles)
Mike McDowell
Praise 102 Open Age 30+
(Married & Singles)
Ed Sundman

 11:00 A.M.

Room Group Leader
Peace 104 Senior Adults 70+
(Married & Singles)
Harry Thomas
Love 101 Senior Adults 70+
(Ladies Class)
Cissy Stubblefield
Love 102 Senior Adults 70+
(Married & Singles)
Charles Fannin
Praise 101 Senior Adults 70+
(Ladies Class)
Karen Hash
Praise 102 Senior Adults 70+
(Married & Singles)
Tim Swinney