Enduring Love Foundation

Why a Foundation?

In God’s Kingdom, there is much to be done. The Foundation supports our mission effort by establishing a lasting fund to finance Kingdom work. The Foundation is a permanent fund whose gifts will not be invaded or borrowed. The income and growth revenue it generates augment our regular tithes and offerings for the sole benefit of FBCUC ministries. This work presents supporters an outstanding opportunity to plan for their estates to make a gift that will support the Lord’s work until He returns. As well, the Foundation provides a place for special gifts we may wish to make during our lifetimes.

What is the Foundation? 

The Foundation is an independent charitable non-profit corporation. It is wholly owned by the membership of FBCUC. Gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible.

How does the Foundation operate?

As owner of the corporation, FBCUC elects a board of directors to manage and invest property and funds gifted to the endowment. The board selected The Baptist Foundation of Texas to assist with its responsibilities. The board operates under church-approved by-laws and functions in a similar manner as do church committees.

Gifts to the Foundation

You may help insure the legacy of FBCUC by making a gift to The Enduring Love Foundation. Gifts may be made to honor a friend or loved one during his or her lifetime, or may by made in memory of a friend or family member after their death. Capital gifts of cash, securities, or real property may be given. Planned and deferred gifts may also be made by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary in your:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Trust
  • Gift Annuity
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Annuity Contract
  • Retirement Plan.

There are also other methods of making a gift.  Foundation directors are available to assist you in establishing your gift.

How we will use the Gifts

The Board of Directors annually determine an amount of the endowment’s earnings to be presented to the church. The FBCUC Finance Committee, in consultation with the ministerial staff, will recommend to the church how to spend this cash, independent from the church’s normal operating budget.  These funds will be used only to benefit FBCUC ministries.

Foundation Board Reports

The Board of Directors makes an annual report to the church each January.  Minutes of the meetings of the directors, resolutions, and copies of annual audits are available in the church office.  The Foundation by-laws, charter, and other detailed information is also available in the church office.

Good stewards of the Future

We must always be good stewards of our earnings and maintain normal church activities through our tithes and offerings. The Foundation allows us to be good stewards of our estates. Congress, through its structure of income and estate tax laws, encourages us to share our wealth with charitable organizations. The estate tax, at death, may be as high as 55% of the appreciated market value of our accumulated lifetime assets. Careful planning can reduce this burden as well as promote God’s work for the duration of this world. Please consider an enduring gift to support our Lord’s work until He returns.

If you would like more information about investing in The Enduring Love Foundation, please click here.