ministerial staff

Bryan Cash 
Executive Pastor

Charles Colvin 
Minister of Worship

Scott Blevins
Minister to Adults/Assimilation

Costa Araya
Minister of Students

Lisa Edgington
Director of Children’s Ministries

LuVon Wood
Director of Preschool Ministries

Patrick Wolstencroft
Associate of Missions and Community Engagement and Recreation Ministry

Christine Povolish
First Baptist Academy Head Administrator

Kristen Silvia
Associate Contemporary Worship Leader

Jeff Povolish
Associate of College & 20’s Singles Ministry

Leah Reed
Associate of Student Ministries

Jake Antonetz
Associate of Student Ministries

Jim Cagle
Associate of Pastoral Care


Juan Graciamaria
Spanish Ministry Pastor

Raul Pastor
Spanish Ministry Assistant Pastor

support staff

ministry support

Carl Beard
Business & Facilities Administrator

Rob Hicks
Media Technology Coordinator

Daniel Leonard
Senior Information Technology Specialist

Philip Rush
Social Media Coordinator

Laura Griffith

LuVon Wood
Nursery Coordinator

Todd Smith
Upward Basketball/Cheer Coordinator

Eva Salas
Environmental Services Supervisor

Ginger Dispain
Maintenance Supervisor

administrative assistants

Cristy Peterson
To Senior Pastor,
Pastoral Care, Missions & Recreation

Donna Lochte
To Executive Pastor
Office Coordinator

Diane Scott
To Minister of Worship

Fawn Reed
To Minister of Adults & Assimilation

Terri Torres
To Minister of Students

Judy Leake
To Preschool & Children’s Ministries
Business & Facilities Administrator


Alma Moreno

Sue Brimhall

Lynda McDowell



Luciano Compain
Student Ministry Intern