All In Campaign

All In for First & Impact

Our church is excited about what we’re doing together. We have built these wonderful new facilities and God is filling them up with people and ministries to impact lives. When we see the Bible studies, Academy students, support groups, outreach recreation, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, students and children using these facilities just about every day of the week, we get excited.  Buildings are needed tools to accomplish the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. It’s now time again to make a three-year sacrificial commitment to pay for the facilities we need and enjoy. Currently, we owe 4 million on our facilities and the land we’ve purchased for Impact Church. At our current rate of giving, we should complete payment within the next six years. For every dollar, 75¢ will go to First Baptist and 25¢ will go to Impact. That will be a glorious day! It goes without saying the “All In campaign for First and Impact” isn’t merely about paying for facilities and land, but making Kingdom ministries happen.