Easter 2020 Production

Thank you for your interest in being a part of “The Choice” our Easter 2020 musical!

How to sign up for the audition and prepare:

  1. Download the Cast List and see which character(s) you’re interested in auditioning for
  2. Fill out the form to sign up for auditions
  3. Check out the sheet music for the song you’ll need to learn for auditions. Please do not print this or bring a copy of this sheet music to auditions. We will have copies available.
  4. Listen to the mp3 of the music and learn the audition song. Be prepared to sing the 12 measures of music.
  5. Be prepared for a “cold read” acting audition. This means you won’t see the script until the day of auditions. “But what can I do to prepare for this?” Come prepared to show your range of emotions as the director will ask you to show her how you act surprised, sad, angry, etc. EVERYONE will have to do this whether you have lines or not.