National Missions

Our nationwide emphasis is disaster relief and church planting in Brooklyn, New York.  The student ministry centers on inner city ministry nationwide, special projects yearlong and teaming with adults in international missions.

Angel Tree Ministry

Pick up angels in the Foyer November 7-21

Every December we host a Christmas party for children of incarcerated adults. An “angel” represents a child who would not receive a gift from their parent except for the Angel Tree gift.


river ministry

In coordination with Texas Baptists (BGCT), we are addressing the immigration border crisis in Del Rio and bringing hope to displaced families from all backgrounds. We are sending short-term mission teams with a ministry of sharing the Gospel and providing aid with food, water, construction, medical and needed supplies.

SEND North America

Through the North American Board, we are national partners in planting churches. We partnered in planting the Pathway Church in Tacoma, Washington, ministering to inner city Tacoma. Send Baltimore is designed to help rebuild the City of Baltimore in the name of Christ through church planting and evangelism. We are partnering with four church plants in the Baltimore metroplex area. For the last five years we have sent summer mission teams and partnered with the church plants in reaching their communities and making the Gospel visible. Our most recent church plant is in Brooklyn, New York (2020). Our student ministries are centered in inner city ministry, to include Nashville, Mobile, Denver and St. Louis (2020).