pastoral care

First Baptist Church is dedicated to ministering to your needs at every stage of life. It is a caring program that reaches out to share God’s love and our love with you when you need it most—during the times of hospitalization, disablement, bereavement and other times of need. It’s a personal ministry to the family of First Baptist Church from the family of First Baptist Church. That’s what families are for!


Hospital Ministry

The Pastoral Care Staff makes personal visits and has prayer with our members before they go into surgery. They advise the church office of any surgeries or medical problems. The desire of FBCUC is to minister to you.



This committee meets once a month to prepare packets of encouraging information to send to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. To report a death or get more information call the church office.



Baptism is the rite of being immersed in water as a sign of purification and consecration before our Lord. It is also the first step of Christian obedience and the first step of identification with Christ. Baptisms are  held on the 3rd Sunday of each month during both services. Each member shares their salvation testimony before they are baptized.


Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper is held quarterly during both services at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Come and remember what the Lord has done for you.


Counseling Center

Our therapists at the Universal City Christian Counseling Center work from a basic understanding that God is a God of love and grace. Their personal involvement helps them understand the distress and pain their clients are experiencing. They are committed to being a source of encouragement and practical help. They provide a safe place to enlarge one’s thinking through reflection, insight and self-evaluation. This process often leads to behavioral changes that constructively deal with one’s current life situation and also creates a new and healthier direction for life.  Call the church office for the phone numbers to our counselors. 



The Wedding Assistant guides couples through the process of planning their wedding. Call the church office with any questions you may have about wedding policies.


Media Ministry

The Media Ministry began in 2000 with the purpose of recording Pastor David’s Sunday morning sermons to be available to the congregation and others for outreach purposes. They can also be ordered individually for $2 each by filling out a request in the Media Ministry area. There are many special CD series available as well. It is our prayer that our members and guests will take advantage of the tremendous outreach and personal growth opportunities that are available. For more info contact the church office.



Extraordinary circumstances occasionally create special financial needs. The Benevolence Ministry Team seeks to provide emergency assistance and biblically-based guidance for members, to help them in a time of special need.



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