We have a great men’s conference planned this year at First Baptist Church in Universal City. Our theme this year is “Manhood Unchained.” Some of the questions we will wrestle with well be 1. How are men doing and why should we care; 2. Pride, purity, possessions, popularity, power and passivity; 3. What doesn't work for men? 

Our guest speaker will be Rod Handley. He is the Founder and President of Character That Counts, a ministry that was established in 2000. Rod also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

The cost of the men’s conference will be $20 per person. We are running an early bird special of $15 per person, if you sign up before March 1st..  The conference is open to all men and their sons who are in the 6th grade and up. You can register for the conference in the foyer, in your Sunday school class, online, or call the church office at 658-6394. Please contact Scott Blevins if you have any questions about our Men’s Conference in March! 


Sign Up Link


Weekend Schedule

Friday, March 23

   6:00 pm               Arrive and fellowship

   6:30 pm               Supper

   7:15 pm               Worship

   7:45 pm               Gathering # 1 with Rod

   8:30 pm               Breakout

   9:00 pm               Wrap Up and Final Thought

   9:10 pm               Depart


Saturday, March 24

   7:45 am               Arrive and fellowship

   8:15 am               Breakfast

   8:45 am               Worship

   9:15 am               Gathering # 2 with Rod

 10:00 am               Breakout

 10:45 am               Gathering # 3 with Rod

 11:30 am               Wrap up & Depart